Arts Leadership Transition Intensive

Introducing the Arts LeadershipTransition Intensive

Take charge of your transition process to create maximum impact, revenue and momentum.

  • Are you a Board member who just learned that your CEO or executive director is departing, and you’re wondering what to do next?
  • Are you the outgoing leader or retiring Founder, and want to make sure your organization is taken care of, and all the success you have achieved continues after you’re gone?
  • Are you frustrated that just when things were going well, this transition is going to put things on hold?
  • You know you need to have a “succession plan” in place but the thought of another board retreat or lengthy “planning” process makes your stomach turn?

This Is For You If:

You want your staff to be energized, engaged and excited to help through this transition and not quit

You want your organization to THRIVE through this transition instead of focusing on how to SURVIVE

You want to use this opportunity to increase contributions and stakeholder engagement because they’re so excited about the next chapter of your organization

You're thinking about hiring a search firm and want to know exactly what to look for so you make the best possible choice

You want to create palpable excitement in the community, and get that “buzz” going again

You want to know exactly how you and your fellow board members can make the biggest impact and be most helpful during this change

You just want confidence that you’re doing the right things in the right ways

"As Interim at the Santa Barbara Symphony, Kathryn helped the organization stay on mission and messaging during a large transition. Guiding the board and staff to learn how to leverage the message allowed us to grow and gain momentum at a time when the organization could have fallen into the status quo." 

- Amy Williams / Director of Education

Kathryn is a fantastic leader, coach and advisor. She helped Mill Valley Philharmonic navigate the first phase of a significant transition. Her consistent engagement along with in-depth expertise allowed us to successfully execute our plans. This was our first experience as Board with this kind of change, and we couldn't have done it without her help! 

-Elizabeth Dinsel, Board President, Mill Valley Philharmonic 


Phase 1: Insights, Myths, Barriers, Opportunities

  • Key stakeholders will have a chance to share perspectives, so everyone feels heard and connected to the transition process
  • You will identify and get ahead of any potential roadblocks that lie ahead so your transition implementation plan addresses them all
  • Key stakeholders will gain much needed initial clarity on timelines, specific roles, and key action steps that will immediately lessen the overwhelm
  • You will identify specific opportunities to capitalize on during this transition that you never knew existed before
  • You will start to feel excited and passionate about what lies ahead for your organization

Phase 2: Onsite Arts Leadership Transition Summit

  • You will make clear strategic decisions about the future of your organization  
  • You will establish your specific roles, responsibilities and transition timeline, so your board, staff and key stakeholders have peace of mind and increased confidence
  • You will create a clear strategy to make sure your staff and entire team are being fully utilized, but protected from burn out
  • You will have strategic communications and clear and consistent messaging to share with your community and in your publications so you can make a strong case for support, and actually create increased momentum during the transition

Phase 3: Implementation, Course Correction, Expert SUPPORT

  • You will be able to adjust quickly as challenges arise, and get personalized guidance on the best next moves as “curveballs” arise  
  • You will have a strategic and objective partner to review your messaging, and make continual suggestions to make sure you are "on point" and maximizing this opportunity in your community
  • You will have an ally and sounding board during the transition so your organization never feels stranded or alone

"Kathryn very quickly identified key strengths and weaknesses of our organization, and then communicated back with a positive can-do attitude, providing a fresh opportunity-focused perspective that energized the board, getting us ready for our next chapter. Kathryn will be an effective interim or transition strategy consultant for any arts organization."

-Peter Schlueer / President and Founder at WorldViz and Board Member at Santa Barbara Symphony

"The board of directors and I needed a transition plan. Kathryn put each of us at ease by conducting long confidential interviews (by phone) in advance of a three-day retreat. I felt an immediate affinity for Kathryn during my interview and felt relief that she understood my position (and my non-negotiables) as the founder/leader of the orchestra.  

She managed any conflict with grace. She brought us to conclusions that we were unable to come to ourselves: focusing our passion for the orchestra and its mission; compromising on some issues that were up in the air; (crucially) forming a three-year action and budget timeline; developing consistent messaging. For me personally, I felt entirely respected and valued in my role as founder and leader.  

Kathryn has been entirely available to the board and me throughout the process. We continue to call her for opinions and advice, and in fact have decided to extend our contract in order for her to continue to support us through my final Season. I can’t recommend her – and the transition process she led us through – highly enough."

- Laurie Cohen, founder, artistic director, conductor and administrative director, Mill Valley Philharmonic

Kathryn R. Martin is an expert Interim Leader and Transition Strategist; working with non-profit boards and executives to create empowered and strategic transitions; leveraging moments of change into opportunities of growth and success. With more than 25 years’ experience leading arts and culture organizations and mentoring leaders, Kathryn creates the possibility of transformation by revealing clarity in organizational and individual purpose. Increases in earned and contributed revenue, stakeholder engagement and organizational confidence are achieved through a blend of industry best practices, encouragement, strong messaging and positioning, a proven process, intuition and insight. 

Kathryn’s leadership coaching clients are following their passion in theaters, symphony orchestras, operas, dance companies, foundations, arts and culture departments, universities and social service agencies around the world. 

Kathryn has led nine arts and culture organizations through transition as a professional interim Executive Director - most recently serving as Interim Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Symphony, Interim President & CEO of the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in Milwaukee, and Executive Director of the Linda Pace Foundation in San Antonio. She has consulted with over 100 arts and culture organizations, and has supervised, trained and coached professional Interim leaders placed in arts and culture organizations across the United States. Kathryn was Vice President at Arts Consulting Group (ACG) from 2003-2015, and in 2009, she led the successful merger creating the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus.

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